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Your door is constructed of high quality components to provide years of continued service. Since it is a large moving object, periodic maintenance along with the following cautionary directions should be observed to ensure safe and reliable operation:
  • Should your door become hard to operate or completely inoperative, it is recommended that a garage door service professional be contacted.
  • Do not operate the door if you cannot see the door.
  • Operate door only when it is properly adjusted and free of obstructions.
  • Door is constantly under extreme spring tension. Repairs and adjustments, especially to cables and spring assembly, can be hazardous and should be performed by garage door service professional.
  • Avoid standing in open doorway or walking through doorway while door is moving
The Harmony Maintenance & inspection

Harmony recommends a minimum once a year Maintenance and Inspection for your garage doors and openers to ensure proper function and settings

Door maintenance includes: complete adjustment of doors & openers, as well as lubricating all hinges, rollers, bearings, springs, bottom cable ends & chains with the Harmony Lubricant. Door & operator cycled to confirm accurate settings.

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Call Us (519) 595 – 2359
Additional Services

 Dock Levelers and Seals

We also provide loading dock equipment as we understand that dock equipment is vital for warehouse operations. All the components such as levelers, truck restraints, dock seals, and bumpers are ready to be incorporated into your new door system.

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Free Estimates

At Harmony Door Service, we have doors that will fit any budget. By sending us detailed information, by phone or by email we can provide you with a free estimate for you next residential or the commercial door.

 Harmony Door Lubricant 

              We have our Very own Brand Name Lubricant. We sell it by the Case of 12 Cans in a box.


Keeping a door maintained and Lubed is very important on the life of Your Garage Door. Lubing the Rollers, Hinges, and Springs is very important so Your door runs quiet, smooth, and lasts its lifetime. Plus keeps the costs of Your door down in the long run of its life. Drop us a line or give us a call on a price.