Green Hinge Systems 

The GREEN HINGE System is a unique patent-pending spring-loaded hinge that allows automatic adjustment of your door, providing a close tight seal of your door to your building – eliminating that air gap and saving you money.

Your overhead doors contribute to the largest loss of energy in your building! Image result for green hinge system canada


 Install ONCE, Enjoy Life-Long SAVINGS!
Weatherstripping deteriorates with age and weather, and has little to no R-Value. You will spend money replacing your weatherstripping again and again – but The GREEN HINGE System works virtually forever and will pay for itself quickly.

Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel hinges are easy to install and fits most existing residential and commercial doors.

Why The GREEN HINGE System Outperforms Other Systems
• Each door panel can be automatically adjusted to overcome poor track positioning and warped walls.
• Most importantly – doors only have ONE TRUE SEALING SURFACE – the outer panel edge where it contacts the wall. Most door panels are corrugated and allow air gaps in the traditional seals.

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Follow the link below to find Installation Instructions and more details on these Hinges:

Green Hinge System

If You would like to order a Green Hinge Kit and Install it Yourself drop us a Line below and send us the request with Your address.We will send You the price.

                                                    Green Hinge SystemsGreen Hinge Systems

To Determine what and how many hinges You need below is a layout of how many hinges You need per panels on Your door. Make sure when ordering You specify how many panels Your door has and also what size Your door is.

Commercial 4 Panel System                      

Right and left Hinges



                                                                              Commercial 5 Panel System

                                                                              Right and left Hinges


Commercial 6 Panel System

Right and left Hinges


Commercial 7 Panel System

Right and left Hinges


 Easy to Install 

      Click on the Picture Below to watch a video on how to install Your Green Hinge System.

Installation Instructions

Click on the Picture to download the PDF of Instructions and a drawing on how to Install Your Green Hinge System.

Green Hinge Instructions

You will notice that when cold weather comes the weatherstripping rubber on the outside of Your door will start hardening and pulling away from the door creating a gap between the jamb and the door allowing cold air to pass through and allowing heat to pass through. With green hinge it pushes the door out against the weatherstripping until it seals allowing for energy savings. Call us or drop us a line today for Your Green Hinge System.